OppiKoppi. Picture: Facebook

It's no joke when they say you need a survival kit to make it through the annual OppiKoppi music festival. And it's not to scare you off, but rather to ensure that you keep your head up during what is bound to be one of the more memorable experiences at a music festival. 

Until this year, I too was an OppiNovice, but I have managed to survive. So, it's only fair to share a few nuggets I have come across in finding my feet at the festival.

Their slogans are: “#nomakanjani”  and “In dust we trust”- this is not a mistake 

You see, the festival is hosted every year on a giant game farm in Northam, Limpopo. Everyone comes through with their tents, (after the animals have been removed) and other pieces of required camping gear. 

So, expect dust (remember what I said about the slogans earlier), expect animal poop but most importantly expect dry grass, really hot days (because Limpopo) and cold nights. If it's any consolation all of you non-compers like myself, the stars come out to play in the bushveld night sky and with five stages, there's some serious fun to be had. 

The official OppiKoppi app is your friend

Unlike some event oriented mobile phone applications, the OppiKoppi app is actually effective. The festival is virtually paperless, so the app is a great way to keep up-to-date with the news and other important information as it happens at the festival. It also features a daily schedule which will help you keep track of which of your favourite acts are on which of the five stages and at what time. I repeat: The app is your friend.

Buddy systems are key

Don't be that human. Don't go to Oppikoppi alone. It's a mistake. Go with friends, because that way,  you’ll have someone to sit around the fire with at night (of course you need a fire. How else will you keep warm?) Or to walk with to the various stages or look out for you when you've had little too much to drink? At Oppi, buddies are best.

The unwritten fashion rule: practical and stylish 

It's never a crime to look good. But imagine how purely miserable you will if your clothes are covered in dust if you can't walk or even worse when you're freezing cold? Nope. 

So, have covered shoes that you can preferably wipe, light clothes for daytime and warm clothes for night time. Also, a dust buff is your friend (a scarf like cloth you use to cover your mouth and nose so you don't swallow all the dust).  Being comfortable will make your OppiKoppi experience that much better. 

And there you have it. You're almost ready to have a good time at OppiKoppi.  All you need now is to find out what the dates for next year's OppiKoppi are. 

What are you waiting for?