Onesimus Muzik. Picture:

Onesimus isn’t a name one comes across every day. Given to a biblical saint, it struck a chord with the musician, who chose to use it as his stage name.
“I live according to it. It means ‘very important and beneficial’,” said Armstrong Kalua, aka Onesimus Muzik.

He describes himself as an Afro-pop gospel singer who takes the Gospel beyond just the church.

“ 2018 is going to be a great year. I’m looking to make new music for the market and also putting together an album.” He says his music is for the masses, and anyone can relate to it.

“It’s music that talks about the love of God and addressing real-life issues.My music talks about love because God is love, so that’s how I can describe it,” he adds.

Muzik is originally from Malawi. His first gospel album, Epikaizo, released in December 2015, was an iTunes hit in Botswana, Tanzania, Mauritius and Zambia.

His star began to rise back in 2006 when he joined a dance group and went on to win a Sprite dance competition. Muzik’s love for music started two years later when he joined a gospel rap group.

He released a mixtape called Beyond Limits in 2009. The songs Beautiful and Without Your Love landed him a record deal with Nde’feyo Entertainment back home.

“My second album is set for release in the next two weeks, with my current single Tchuku Tchuku,” he points out.

“When you are doing music for the masses, it is easier for the people to relate to, especially those who love God. We are all created by God, at the end of the day. My music is encouraged by and talks about love.

“Some people find my music healing. I think that’s what makes people relate to it.”

If you are looking for a dose of spiritual love, catch Onesimus Muzik at the Evening of Love concert tomorrow at Times Square in Menlyn, Pretoria.


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