Kwesta and Yolanda. Picture: Instagram
Rapper Kwesta and Yolanda Mvelase celebrated their union again over the weekend in a gift exchange ceremony.

After celebrating their Umembeso ceremony in April, the rapper and his wife exchanged gifts during a traditional ceremony called Umbondo, where the bride gives gifts to her in-laws as a form of gratitude for Umembeso and being welcomed into the groom's family. 

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Speaking to the press, Kwesta said that the ceremony was a beautiful day with tearful moments shared by close friends and family. The rapper also told the press that the grand traditional wedding is being planned completely by Yolanda, as it was always her dream. 

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"It's a day where I am going to be completely useless. She is going to tell me what to wear, where to stand and what to do. I am just going to be the bank", the rapper added with a laugh.