Manu WorldStar. Picture: Supplied

After topping the trend list on Tuesday night, local hip-hop artist Manu WorldStar's latest offering #NaLingi finally drops on Friday.

The single comes after the 23-year-old South African-born Congolese star signed with record giant Sony Music.

"This song allows people to find joy and happiness in loving someone. It's a Universal feeling. Whether you're 12 or 80," says Manu. 

"We all have those moments when that one person makes your world stop for a minute. The song is very special to me because I tell a story of a feeling that I've never had before."

#NaLingi is now available for stream and download on all digital platforms.

Produced by Noble Production and additional production by Eternal Africa (producer of the Maradona SA Cover song), Manu WorldStar describes NaLingi as being truly “thee soundtrack of Africa”.

And it seems #NaLingi is already becoming a hit, with the Rapper Rouge taking to social media to congratulate Manu, stating that the song is one of her favourite, she wrote: This is one of my favourite songs right now... Please can yall give it. Listen... 😱😱😱😱😱 Manu you are bout to blow".

Fans also took to Twitter to congratulate the rising star:

"#NaLingi is just a taste of what MANU WORLDSTAR has to offer the world. Mark my words, MANU WORLDSTAR will be the next African breakthrough act to cause havoc on the continent and beyond," says Vth Season manager Raphael Benza.

#NaLingi is now available for stream and download on all digital platforms.