Reason had financial problems Picture: Instagram
Reason had financial problems Picture: Instagram

Reason says he had no money to promote his last album

By Entertainment Reporter Time of article published Nov 18, 2020

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It’s been two years since Reason dropped his “Azania” album and he revealed why he didn’t promote it at the time.

Responding to a tweet commemorating the anniversary of “Azania”, the artist expressed this album was the best work he’s done so far.

Another Twitter user, @Gajeni_, replied saying he liked the album, but was bummed that there was no marketing plan.

“This album was fire but there was no marketing plan behind, I waited and waited for Nkosi yam video but yeah... Life goes on. Waiting on the new music Brother”

The “Top Seven” rapper then explained he had no money left after making the album because he was independent.

And the birth of his twins with LootLove, along with moving into a new home, didn’t leave much left for promotion.

He also said he tried signing with a major record label, but the deals on the table weren’t worth it and he instead took it upon himself to DIY the production.

Earlier this year, LootLove shared she and Reason had parted ways.

Taking to Instagram, LootLove said she thought it would be best to reveal the news all in her own words after she was contacted by Sunday Sun inquiring about the status of their relationship.

In the statement, she said they have separated, but would continue to co-parent.

LootLove also said she didn't want to go through such an emotional period with the public having a front-row seat. However, she added they were still friends and would focus on raising their girls in a happy, healthy way.

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