Mjokes, Oskido, Spikiri, Mahoota and Bruce Sebitlo who make up Kalawa Jazmee. Picture: Supplied

What do artists Black Coffee and Big Nuz have in common? 

They have all been touched  by the magic of  legends in the music industry, that ultimately formed Kalawa Jazmee. 

There are 64 other respected South African acts that were either mentored or given a leg up by bo grootman of the music industry. 

Run by Mjokes, Bruce Sebitlo, Oskido, Spikiri and Mahoota,  the label celebrates 25 years of being trailblazers in the music business, and this will be commemorated by a variety of events over the year. 

These events will include a documentary, a theatre musical, a re-recording of some of their biggest songs over the last quarter of a century and a musical extravaganza-a concert. 

Last night at an industry soiree held at the offices of Universal Music in Rosebank, the collective met, and shared some stories about their incredible journey that ultimately led to the revolution of the South African sound. The soundtrack of the townships and the 90s.

The soiree was mc’ed by Greg Maloka, MD of Kaya FM and a good friend of the collective. 

Watch Bruce Sebito discussing what makes Kalawa Jazmee a winning formula: 

 According to Spikiri, one of the catalysts that led to the existence of this iconic brand, was a feud that ensued over the song "Sigiya Ngengoma".  He explained that while the creation of it happened in stages, it was the vocals that came with the song that created a bit of friction among them. Thankfully, this was resolved and Kalawa Jazmee was born. 

For the album that will be re-recorded, the label has also announced that it will work in conjunction with Universal Music to give a platform to young creatives to allow them a chance to remix some of their classic songs. Details of the competition will be made public at a later stage.