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Ricky Tyler talks about his new album 'Small World'

By Entertainment Writer Time of article published Aug 1, 2020

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Rapper Ricky Tyler talks about his latest album, “Small World”.

First off how have you been?

I’ve been good, I’m coping. Just working on my health, fitness and a bunch of international features

Tell us about Small World, what was the inspiration behind it?

Small World is pretty much a timestamp of everything I’ve been through up until this point in my life. From things, I experienced as a kid, as a teenager and adult.

All the lessons I had to learn for myself and the things that shaped my growth.

It’s also, me realising the kind of man I want to be, not just for myself but also for the people that need and look up to me.

Is there a particular theme and if so why?

The phrase “Small World”, on its own is pretty much an unexpected coincidence like you met someone at an unexpected place and you find out that they happen to know someone close to you or maybe you went to the same church at one point.

When I hear “Small World” to me it means that to a certain extent, we’re all connected. Connected through shared life experiences, heartbreak, failure’s, triumphs, our values and what drives us.

I’m basically saying I’m just like you and we can always relate on some level be it heartache, love, victory there is always something connecting us all together.

How did you approach the writing process?

I start by reflecting on moments in my life that affected me in a good or bad way and then from there depending on the mood that feeling gives me I start coming up with melodies that I feel accurately reflect or can translate those emotions into words that I can sing or rap.

With all that in mind, I would then come up with a flow that best compliments the beat or production I’m working on.

How would you describe the lyrical content?

Honest, deep, vulnerable, very straight to the point and in some ways metaphorical. Ultimately, they are a reflection of my lived experiences.

In terms of its sound, how would you define it?

Nostalgic retro-soul coupled with playful flows and rhyme schemes that are filled with elements of trap soul & soulful 90’s R&B

Which track means the most to you and why?

That would have to be track 8 on the album “High Hopes”. It’s the first time I’ve had to approach a genre of music that is completely out of my comfort zone and I wasn’t sure I could pull it off but we did and also the message on the song was dedicated to someone that I love dearly in my life

What do you hope people take away from this album?

How important it is to appreciate the people in our life that mean something to us, be it friends or family.

We’re not perfect we all make mistakes, but what’s important is your attitude towards the challenge’s life throws at you.

Not to dwell on the past and be as nice as you can to next person because it really is a small world and you never know what demons everyone else if is fighting in private lives.

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