Nichume Siwundla. Picture: Instagram

Fans are reeling from shock after record label Top Chap Media on Friday announced that one its rising artist's, Nichume Siwundla, died on Thursday night in an apparent suicide.

Despite being was an accomplished musician, Nichume was also a qualified ophthalmologist but it was as a singer that Nichume reached the heights of her fame when she lent her voice to Mobi Dixon’s hit "Bhutiza." She also featured on singles "Daydreaming" by Fistaz Mixwell and Mobi Dixon, as well as "Far Away" by DJ Anda featuring Mobi Dixon.

Following the success of "Bhutiza" in 2017, she was then signed to Top Chap Media, founded by Mobi Dixon.

The duo had just released a single together titled "Thobela" - which has been making appearances in the top 100 weekly radio charts. 

"I'm distraught. I will remember Nichume as a bright light at Top Chap Media where we signed her. She was not only my first artist, but we had grown so close in the past three years that she became my little sister. She truly is gone too soon. May her soul rest in peace," Mobi Dixon paid tribute to her.

"We, as a family are in absolute shock as to what has happened. Learning that your sister has succumbed to emotions and taken her own life can never rest well. We obviously are left with a lot of questions but also know that she had one of the strongest characters in the family. Whatever she was feeling at that moment triggered immense hopelessness. We stand united as a family during this difficult time. Nchume was so loved and appreciated. We're proud of all her achievements," said Qamani Siwundla. 

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