Storm. Picture: Twitter

At just 19, Storm has already been making waves in the international music scene for a long time. His latest single, Can You Feel It, is an example. Remixed by Swedish DJs, Stonebridge and Damien Hall, the song is a rallying cry to always look on the bright side of life. 

It was originally written by Storm and his producer, Dale Schnettler of Prime Circle.

“Dale and I were busy writing in the studio and working on the album,” Storm starts. “He and I were working and decided to take a break, so we went out to the golf course and we went for a few holes. Dale’s got a studio at his place and we work from there. We were working so hard that week we decided to give ourselves a little present and go out to the golf course.

“We came back and we were in such a good mood that he started writing music and I started lyrics and we combined them. We thought the song had such great potential that we decided we would send it to Stonebridge, who I worked with before on a song called Rhythm & You which went to number one at Good Hope FM.

“Stonebridge worked with Hall and they took that song at the beginning of December 2017 and we got it back at the end of December and he did such amazing magic to it. He found the potential in it and he brought it to life.”

On the song, Storm sings: “I know you’re standing here, thinking you’re on your own again” but he is here to tell you’re not. He explains: “The song is basically about being positive and waiting for that moment that strikes you.

“It means if you start doubting yourself you must know you’re never on your own because I’m standing right here with you. Or whoever is close to you is standing with you so that you never have to go through anything [tough] alone. No matter what you go through.”

I ask him if he’s ever felt like he was on his own in the three years since he entered the music business. “Every musician has their ups and downs,” he tells me.

“Even when I write lyrics, it’s such an emotional ride because I write about how I’m feeling or whatever is happening. The song was written in a dark time but I changed it to a more positive vibe which suited it much better than just a love song. Love songs are so common nowadays.” 

Having put out his first single, Keep Calm, at just 16 years old, Storm’s fans have been waiting for more music.
He says he has no plans for releasing his album just yet.

“My album is not done yet,” he admits. “We’ve decided to put it on hold because the music I am making now is so different from what I was making before.”
And what keeps him going? Even when he decides to change genres? 

“What I’ve learnt about the music industry is that it’s tough,” he says. “You always have to keep on your game because there is always going to be someone waiting to push past you.”

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