Kodie Shane. Photo: Supplied

On Sunday, the second season of Jose Cuervo’s Seize The City took place in downtown Johannesburg. The party brought together a diverse group of partygoers. It was a chilly evening but the promise of dancing the night away ensured that many people left their heaters and came to party in what felt like an abandoned warehouse.

There were young men dressed in colourful outfits, older men who were never without a yellow cup in their hands and a guy who bodyrolled to every sinle song ANG played. The ladies of varying ages came out in their numbers and they too did not allow the dancefloor get empty.

The party was on a Sunday which accurately reflected the campaign’s tagline, a notion that tomorrow is overrated. In addition to ANG, DJs like Baby Caramelle and Uncle Partytime. Batuk performed and so did American rapper, Kodie Shane.