Simphiwe Ngema. Picture: Itumeleng English/African News Agency (ANA)
Simphiwe Ngema. Picture: Itumeleng English/African News Agency (ANA)

Simz Ngema on love, music and life after 'Dumi's death'

By Amanda Maliba Time of article published Jun 7, 2019

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Simphiwe 'Simz' Ngema is more daring with her career and has taken the plunge into music releasing her first ever single "Thola Khona" earlier last month.

The star, known best for her acting skills, said the decision came about when she realised that life is short and therefore she needed to use her time to express all her talents to the best of her ability. 

Although fairly new on this side of the industry, Simz said she is confident that this journey is the right one for her to fulfills her inner desires. 

"I just want to inspire people to be the best versions of themselves and to follow their dreams now because at the end of the day, life is not permanent. We take it lightly thinking we have tomorrow but it isn't promised," said the 29-year-old. 

Upon releasing her single in May, she said people are still getting used to the idea of Simz the singer.

The journey behind working on her music and building a team has been a gradual one, that will see her drop a full album next year, she said. 

Her chosen genre, House music, will help her explore more of her other talents such as dance. 

"I've always known that I could sing and that I'm a great performer, I'm just at a point where I am showing it to people. So I don't doubt myself. I am also not doing this for anyone else, not doing this to be accepted by people but doing it to fulfill my dream and its my purpose," she said.

Simz will be releasing a song she wrote for her late husband, actor Dumi Masilela, on August 3, titled "Thanda Ngemphela".

"That song is very dear to my heart. I wrote this song with Dumi's best friend who was in the car when he got shot, who expresses how he feels. 
The song is just a love song that speaks about how he carried me in our relationship. 

"A lot of people don't know that after we got married I took a break from acting because I wanted to start a family. And he carried all the load, all my load. So it's a very special song to us," she expressed.

And although many have been chanting the #opentheinsustry mantra, Simz said she is not intimidated by all the talks, being an MC and presenter on top of the other two media roles.

"Right now I'm not afraid of anything as I think I have faced my worse nightmare already with Dumi's death. Like I said, for me this is just about living out my purpose and that's it.

"But I've been receiving such great reception so far. Enough to push me forward," she added


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