R&B/Neo-Soul singer Erykah Badu. Picture: Zimbio

The second day of the DStv Delicious International Food and Music festival was received by a massive audience who came from all walks of life to enjoy the vast variety of food and entertainment provided. 

On the main stage were artists Tresor and house sensation Sun-El Musician, who said that performing on the main stage of the festival is a dream. “It’s a funny story. This time last year, I was backstage at the main stage watching and this year I get to perform on the same stage with Tresor and In, so it’s a blessing”, Sun-El explained. 

Along with the good luck of performing on stage at the DStv Delicious festival, Sun-El Musician also added that the success of his debut album ‘Africa to the World’ has been a very insane ride, one which he is very grateful for. 

“I’m currently working in the studio trying to complete an album, but other than that it has been really crazy. I mean, there have been people sending me videos, that I didn’t ask for, of them dancing to my music. So it’s amazing how much people enjoy my album”.

Aside from Sun-El Musician and Tresor performing on stage, Kenyan singer Liz Ogumbo and British Acid Jazz group D’Influence also hit the main stage for Sunday’s edition of the festival, while DJs Oskido, Vinny Da Vinci, American DJ Todd Terry and DJ Fresh kept fans on their feet by the Vodacom Dance Arena. 

However, the highlight of Sunday’s activities belonged to the queen of Neo-Soul, Erykah Badu, who was the second headliner to perform on the main stage, after New Zealand singer Jordan Rakei who performed on Saturday evening.

Badu put on a major performance for the crowd of 18 thousand, as she performed hits from her albums, including the songs ‘On and On’, ‘Love of my Life’, ‘Honey’ and the crowd favourite, ‘Tyrone’. 

For Badu, performing on stage is therapy to her. Badu feels that whenever she behind the microphone singing to her fans, that both the audience and herself start to feel good as she sings - it’s just one of the reasons she loves to perform. 

As for coming back to Southern Africa, Badu sees her return as a calling from “The ancestors inside of the African Drum, who were with me on stage while I sang, and who I feel are very in tune with my spirit”, she explained.

After her performance at the DStv Delicious festival, Badu posted an image on Instagram with a message of gratitude for her South African fans who had attended the festival. 

The caption read, “Thank you SOUTH AFRICA. We just connected like a mother.. land. The ancestors came out the drums tonight, didn’t they? We danced the stars out. Grateful. Always with you. - Badu”.