US rapper Nilla Allin turns CPT trip into a song: ‘Middle finger to my haters yelling, voetsek’

Nilla Allin. Picture: Instagram

Nilla Allin. Picture: Instagram

Published May 30, 2023


US rapper and TikTok sensation Nilla Allin is in the country and making the most of her time here: learning the lingo and experiencing our woes.

The rapper has been in Cape Town for less than week but has already dropped a song called, “Voetsek”, which has gone viral, and is available on Spotify.

The song came after social media users asked her to make a song and include the word “voetsek” in it.

She did, and went a step further mentioning all the things that affect South Africans, including the dreaded load shedding.

The catchy lyrics include: “Middle finger to my haters yelling, voetsek. In The Mother City, they say I'm the goose. They call me Palesa, sweet like nectar, face real pretty and my body real lekker. I shine bright baby, I'm the light during loadshedding.”

On Instagram she wrote: “It is SOOO LIKE ME to turn my trip into a song!!🤣😂😭🇿🇦🔥 VOETSEK OUT NOW on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube! THANDEKA DROPS IN 3 DAYS! You ready?! #nillaallin #thandeka #southafrica“

In a separate post responding to a fan who said: “Imagine being famous in South Africa and less popular in your own country ...How crazy”, she wrote, “If I’m being honest, to me success is way more than clout, fame, or a ‘blow up’.

“To me it’s doing what I love, having CONTROL over my art, impacting and inspiring others, and being able to look in the mirror and be HAPPY with who I am and the decisions I’ve made.

“Ive been f****g with South Africa so heavy because I pour into communities that pour into me. I could EASILY blow up in the states lmfao if I was willing to compromise who I am. But I know that I’m on a different journey and God has other plans for me and I’m totally okay with that.

“I know I have to put in more work than the average and I’m okay with that! I appreciate everyone who’s been supporting me and who is here with me on this journey ❤️❤️I don’t mind being patient!

“Cus I know I’m going to be happy I made the decision to stay true to myself in the long run.“

Praising her for her honesty, @shesouulfly said: “YOU DON’T HAVE TO EXPLAIN YOURSELF TO ANYONE. You big and they mad. End of story.

“You’re doing amazing and creating your own lane❤️❤️ which is natural to come with sacrifices. All money ain’t good money. and it’s not an embarrassment to be known internationally. The boldness of that commenter. Keep going. Don’t fold.“

@songfromcarm wrote: “I’m literally in tears 🥺 I felt this so deep in my soul. Oh Babygirl you are so beautiful, talented and authentic. I LOVE YOU so much and I’m so so so so so proud of you!

“Stay true to your art, your WALK, your genuine desire to be a light! You’re already winning🏆 Like I’ve been saying for a while now…KEEP GOING. 👏🏾💪🏾👑🔥💡.”