Kelello Segoana, better known as Kaylow. Picture: Supplied

Award-winning house vocalist Kaylow, who released his second album War For Love last year, has just released the visuals to his popular single off the album, Give Me Life.

The singer (real name Kelello Segoana), recorded the video in the Maboneng precinct. “It was shot on the rooftop of a building in Maboneng.In fact, we shot three videos that day, it was exhausting,” he said.

Kaylow said the video is a celebration of life and love.

“I wanted to show someone that is thankful for life and happy where they are, that’s why everyone in the video is smiling and laughing. I believe that no matter what you are going through in life there is always something to be happy for,” he said.

While the song has a distinct message that may be more reflective than what we have come to expect from Kaylow, it evokes the emotions shared through the bond of life.

“The song speaks about the real appreciation for life - I know I have done my fair share to squander life at times. The fact that we all have life is a gift,” he said.

The singer, awarded the Best Male Vocalist award at the inaugural Dance Music Awards South Africa (DMASA2017), admitted he never expected War For Love to make the impact it has.

“I can never be too humble, I am extremely grateful that people love the album and are enjoying it, I did not expect such a huge outpouring of appreciation for it.

“Many people can sing and write amazing music but not many people are heard,” he added.

Commenting on the theme of the album, he said, “I feel people are no longer fighting for love.

“They have one argument and then it’s like ‘I’m not so sure about him anymore’. It’s a big concern because, for me, the preservation of love is of the utmost importance.”

He said he believed people enjoyed his music because of its authenticity.

“I am not doing what everyone else is doing in terms of music, I am authentic in my writing and I do my absolute best not to sound like anyone else. I have always believed that I need to be a better judge of my music before I give others the chance to judge it, so I never just release new music for the sake of doing so and that works,” he said.

Although he has no plans of releasing an album this year, he is back in the studio working on collaborations.

“I have been approached by a lot of artists for features, I don’t want to spread myself too thin but there are some that I will be getting involved with.”