The soulful Claire Phillips performing at the Diamonds and Divas show. Picture: Patrick Louw (African News Agency/ANA)

Soul musician Claire Phillips opens up about her abusive past.

After reaching the lowest point in her life, R&B and soul musician, Claire Phillips, reveals her traumatic past and how this has led her to the release of her new song titled "Champion".

Phillips openly speaks about her substance abuse problem and being raped at a very young age. Her past caught up to her and she gave up on making music, on life, family and friends.

Tasneem Patel and Claire Phillips. Picture: Shifaan Ryklief

"I didn't want to live... I didn't want to do music and I didn't want to be around my family," said Phillips.

"I think that was all because I was hiding things, I wasn't being my authentic self.

"I wasn't expressing my authentic truth... and my truth is that I come from a past of molestation, rape and drug abuse," she said.

She is close to finalising and releasing "Champion", which tells about her reclaiming her life and she hopes to inspire others who are being abused to speak up.

"The song 'Champion' is what I'm living right now, it's taking everything that is supposed to make me another coloured statistic and turning it into power," said Phillips.

"We've started a movement on social media called #Champion... it's a platform for people to share their truths.

"The song 'Champion' is about taking your power back, whether you are a woman or a man."

Watch the video below of Claire Phillips opening up about her abusive past: 

Claire Phillips. Video: Shifaan Ryklief