Don Vino Prins in rehearsals, playing his saxophone with the band ahead of the Cape Town International Jazz Festival. Picture by Tracey Adams / African news agency (ANA)

No one was more surprised than Don Vino Prins that he was going to be a headline at the Cape Town International Jazz Festival this year.

An accomplished saxophonist, Don Vino says that he has special memories of CTIJF stages over the past few years.

“This is year is quite special in the past I’ve always played with Top Dog and Jonathan Rubain,” he says.

Don Vino admits that when met with Festival Director Billy Domingo he wasn’t expecting the offer to take to the stage as a featured artist.

“I usually do the Training and Development Programme with them espAFRIKA so I thought, okay, it’s (the meeting) probably something to do with that.”

“And then when I entered the room he said sit down and with no warning he just said you gonna be a featured artist at the Cape Town International Jazz Festival. I was blown away, I was gobsmacked!” says Don Vino.

"All The Way," Prins’ debut album, was released in August 2018. 

Several of the artists who worked with him on the album tracks will join him on the CTIJF stage for a performance-based around his debut tracks.