Still from Early B's video. Picture: YouTube

With his debut album now out and available at music stores and online, Early B is proving himself to be a rapper who is serious about his business. But he is also humorous in his storytelling. One of the ways in which he is doing that is through his new song, "Ben Ten."

The jam is off Early B’s debut album, "Aangename Kennis," and is his second single. The Afrikaans rapper is determined to introduce himself to the world in a way that makes him memorable. Hailing from PE, Early B has taken a phenomenon that took South Africa by storm a few years ago and made it into a song.

He says: "Ben Ten is a term used to describe a man who enjoys dating older women. I wrote the song myself and wanted to create something that would make fans smile and sing along. It is about a guy who visits one of his girlfriends, who is now suddenly not living with her mother anymore. As time progresses, he realises that the older lady is making a pass at him. What happens next, is revealed in the song and will definitely make you laugh."

Watch the video now: