Gigi Lamayne.Picture: Twitter
Rapper Gigi Lamayne released the music video of her hit track "Bozza" featuring hip-hop heavyweight Kwesta.

Gigi, who recently opened up her battle with depression, was  hospitalised after sharing a disturbing post on Twitter: "7 July 1994 - 3 November 2018" and "The end".

The post prompted rumours that the 24-year-old star may have attempted suicide but Gigi came out stronger and is celebrating life again.

Speaking to Mo Flava and Masechaba on Metro FM's The Drive recently, Gigi said she was in a "good space".

"Counseling has helped. I have started meditating and reading up about depression," she said.

When asked about some of her reasons reasons for leaving Ambitiouz the I'sghubu hitmaker said:  I needed to grow, I needed to start counting my own money, I needed to understand how Gigi as a business was supposed to work, shout out to them I learnt so much from them and appreciate it but now it's about Hard Rock Entertainment and I'm really excited."

Gigi, who recently left Ambitiouz Entertainment, is already making Bozza moves as an independent artist through her record label Hard Rock Entertainment.

Seemingly, fans are loving the #BozzaMusicVid: