Paxton Fielies displayed true star quality in her debut music video. Picture: Screengrab/YouTube

'Idols SA' winner Paxton Fielies is not wasting time and has dropped the music video for her debut track, 'Demonstrate'. 

The visuals for 'Demonstrate' feature the songstress in a white outfit and Avante-Garde African garb. 

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The song has been surrounded by controversy when Twitter user Nick, with the handle @ultboysrepubIic, claimed that Paxton had stolen the song from K-Pop group BP Rania.

Galla Records came out and refuted the claims stating that the English language right for the song were sold to them. 

Furthermore, the original song had some of the lyrics rewritten by the songwriter specifically for Paxton.

Paxton walked away with a recording contract, R1 million in cash, a new car, fashion vouchers and musical instruments.

This season of 'Idols SA' was also a record-breaking season with nearly 100 million votes cast by the South African public. 

The singer plans on finishing her album in January 2018 and plans on finishing school while still performing live.