Jimmy Nevis. Picture: Brigford Photography
Jimmy Nevis. Picture: Brigford Photography

WATCH: Jimmy Nevis drops new song 'Hey Jimmy'

By Staff Reporter Time of article published Apr 17, 2020

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Jimmy Nevis dropped his brand new single "Hey Jimmy" along with the music video for the track on Friday.

Since dominating the South African music charts in 2012 at the age of 20 with his smash hit single "Elephant Shoes", Jimmy Nevis has become a much-loved household name in his native country. 

Born and raised in the suburb of Athlone in Cape Town, he has since solidified his status with a string of other country-wide No.1 singles such as "Heartboxing", "Balloon", "7764" and his collaborations with Kwesta, Mi Casa, Karen Zoid and most recently U.S. DJ Max Styler. 

Jimmy released his most recent album in May 2018, so fans have been waiting almost 2 years for new solo material.

Jimmy was secretly recording, creating and working with a small team towards the end of 2019. 

They were preparing to push out another song, but at the time wherever Jimmy went, people would ask him "Hey Jimmy, where's the music? What's happening?". 

It happened so often that at one point he thought he felt like he really owed people an explanation. So, instead of talking about it, he took to the studio and wrote about it. 

2019 was a year of self-discovery for Jimmy who has unearthed new energy in his sound, message and creativity. He credits 2019 as one of his best years and he wants his fans to flirt with life, feel powerful in their own skin and celebrate the things that make us human. 

Jimmy 2020 is unashamed, unafraid and unapologetic. 

“The song is a reminder to myself, my fans and the world that Jimmy Nevis is back, bolder and stronger than ever. The verses are written from actual words that my fans would tell me whilst the pre-chorus is a reminder of what Jimmy Nevis means to me - being strong, authentic and creative,” and the song for Jimmy is not just a song for himself. 

“Even though this song is about my life, it's for the fans! I hope it makes you dance your ass off no matter where you are. “ 

The release of the single also sees the release of the music video and Jimmy explains the concept for the video, saying “The song is about Jimmy so I thought why not have an army of Jimmy's present in the video. The video sees me fighting with my own thoughts and following my own intuition. It's also about recognizing myself as my own competition, trying to be the best version of myself.”

Watch the video below:

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