Kaylow. Picture: Supplied

Kaylow has come a long way from The Soul Cafe. Now, in anticipation of his second album, "War for Love," the singer has released a music video for his single, "Give Me Life."

In the visuals, we see Kaylow and his band performing the night away while beautiful women enjoy the music. Kaylow says: “The song speaks about the real appreciation for life – I know I have done my fair share to squander life at times. The fact that we all have life is a gift.”

On the title of his new album, "War for Love," Kaylow calls people out for how careless they are with the virtue. He is adamant that everyone wants instant gratification and they are not prepared to stay and fight for a good thing.

He says: “I feel people are no longer fighting for love. They have one argument and then it’s like ‘I’m not so sure about him anymore.’ It’s a big concern because for me, the preservation of love is of the utmost importance.”