Kwesta, Refentse and Elandré. Picture: YouTube/Screengrab

Atlanta rapper Lil Nas X made headlines last month when Billy Ray Cyrus has joined him on the "Old Town Road" remix after after the original version was pulled from the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart after the chart compilers said that the song wasn't "country enough". 

Now three of Mzansi's top performers, have put a refreshing spin on it that might actually be better than Lil Nas and Cyrus' version. Teaming up with Sony Music, Kwesta, Refentse and Elandré released an acoustic cover of the hit track last week, and fans are loving it.

Commenting on the YouTube video, Ngiksmaan Qash wrote: "Awesomeness, this is on another level!" And some thought it was strange not hearing the "Vur Vair" hitmaker rap in "kasi taal," while another added that the trio "they killed it".

And we agree, it's definitely something you'll want to listen to on repeat!

Watch the performance of the "Old Town Road" cover by Kwesta, Refentse and Elandré below: