Last year Massiv Metro radio personality, Queen Azizzar, who predicted Nasty C and Cassper Nyovest’s rise to the top of the local industry, proclaimed that rapper and producer Luna Florentino would be the next big South African rapper. 

Luna looks set to fulfill this prophecy with the upcoming release of the music video for his single, #FlorentinoMariachi. 

Luna recently teased fans by dropping the trailer for the music video on his social media platforms, which only amplified the buzz and anticipation for the video's release. Luna explained the meaning of #FlorentinoMariachi.

“Florentino is a Spanish surname that means “blooming”. 

It is a name given to people who have a winning mentality. Mariachi is a Mexican band, but in this case I’m referring to my fans. To sum it all up, Florentino Mariachi is a movement for people with a winning mentality. 

Florentino Mariachi is a way of strengthening the relationship between me and my fans. Florentino makes the music and the Mariachi drives the music,” says Luna.