Nadia Nakai. Picture: YouTube

Were you expecting a break between the music and for someone to suddenly exclaim: “de strength of de black panther will now be stripped away?” Not happening, but I will give you points for feeling like Money Calling has a bit of Wakanda-ness to it though.

The new collab by Nadia Nakai and Frank Casino is a royal affair. There is a lot of crowning and even an ominous feeling to the dark visuals. It also reminds me of Osborne Macharia’s aesthetic.

Anyway, the storyline seems to suggest that Nadia is anointing Frank with some sort of power. And then they just look at each other for a long time. So it begs the question of whether there is a second part to the video. The pair gel well together sonically so it would not be a bad thing to see them collaborate again.

Watch the video below and decide for yourself.