Troye Sivan. Picture: Youtube/Screenshot

South African born actor and singer Troye Sivan just released his new song and music video for 'My, My, My!' and it sure to be a banger.

This comes after a year hiatus and it is clear that the singer is ready to top the charts.

Sivan has seemingly had a noticeable glow-up with the singer appearing more comfortable in his skin. The singer is seen in the video dancing very sensually with several half-naked men providing eye-candy for everyone who enjoys looking scantily clad men.

This sees Sivan being one very few openly queer men has been producing gay-centric videos and while 'My, My, My!' can be enjoyed by women, it's pretty clear the video is aimed at the "gurls".

He is yet to announce whether or not he is going to release an album, but if he does release one is sure to give us glimpse into the singers life over the last 2 years since his last album, Blue Neighbourhood in 2015.

Watch the video below: