Singer-songwriter, Tshego. Pic: Twitter

When Tshego told us his debut album would be called Pink Panther, he didn't waste time with showing us he was really committed. The Family Tree signee started showing up to performances with a pink fur coat and a bare chest.

But on the music video for his latest single, The Vibe, he takes his love for the colour to a whole new level. Released this week, The Vibe opens with two girls wearing varying shades of pink, driving recklessly in a pink Gusheshe. Even the rims are pink. Dedication!

The girls spin the car as he sings his verses and it’s a cool reminder that as far as the new kids who sing in close proximity to hip hop, there really only is a top two — and Tshego is not number two.

The Vibe also features Mufasa himself, Cassper Nyovest. Here, the Family Tree boss complements Tshego’s vocals and song structure. It’s nice to hear and further cements the idea that he was not needed on Nadia Nakai’s fierce song, The Man. But the good thing about that song is that you can press stop after Nadia’s fire verse.

Anyway, if you haven’t seen Tshego’s The Vibe yet, treat yourself: