A still from the video. Picture: YouTube

A while ago, one of Mzansi’s most prolific rappers, YoungstaCPT linked up with producer, Maloon TheBoom. Together, they are known as Yungloon Taliboom. From their latest body of work, the artists have sought to push the envelope in the music and in their visuals.

This is clear in "SY?NZ." The video starts off with a disclaimer: These Are True Stories. The viewer is taken to hoods in Cape Town where a montage of men of varying ages aids YoungstaCPT in warning folks about posturing in places they have no business puffing their chests out.

He warns to be careful about that “From Wynberg to Langa” and once again, the rapper gives his hometown pride of place by telling the truth as he sees it.

The artists describe the direction of the video: “With SY?NZ we are taken on an educational and insightful journey into the dark reality of the Cape Flats issue with gangsterism. The visual was shot by Dylan who has directed, shot and produced all of Yungloon Taliboom’s clips to date. Nobody was injured during the making of this video.”