Zakes Bantwini on taking a step back from music industry: ‘I don’t want to say I’m retiring’



Published Aug 19, 2022


Zakhele Madida, popularly known as Zakes Bantwini, has decided to take a step back from the music industry after a 15-year-long career.

The “Osama” hitmaker says retirement sounds so permanent: “I don’t want to say I’m retiring; to better put it I am taking a hiatus from the industry to focus on other aspects of my life.”

“I’m an entrepreneur, I'm a social leader, I’m a businessman and an artist, I'm everything else.”

“This is not the end but I feel I have to take a step back to focus on other aspects of my life and when you have fans that love what you do as much as you do, it's important to share your journey with them. Going mute isn’t an option, it would be unfair,” he told IOL Entertainment.

Zakes Bantwini set to perform songs from his last album on November 19 at DHL stadium Cape Town.

The Ghetto King has launched a studio in Cape Town, as well as a rooftop bar at Rockerfella, while pursuing his philanthropy work and academic journey.

He said the break was necessary because he did not want his music to suffer while he pursued his other interests.

“Abantu” is the last album he will be releasing through Universal Music.

“I recently completed a five-year contract with Sony Music,” he shared in a media briefing at DHL Stadium, in Cape Town on Friday.

“I feel free, I don’t owe anyone anything, I have no obligation, for me that’s liberating. This is the right time to redefine my purpose and to focus on family and myself.”

The singer said he wanted to focus on things that would drive social change.

He said social change was anything that would have an impact on people's lives.

“It's about making moves that will make everyone better, it’s about doing!”