Zoë Modiga will wow her fans at the Eyethu Lifestyle Centre tomorrow. Picture: Supplied

Anyone who has been to a Zoë Modiga show knows that the experience is exhilarating, however, her year in music has been a challenging one but fulfilling.

“I am looking at growing and building, that is the core. To impact people on a larger scale, next year I am going to be looking into dividing the brand into different things. It’s all about growing what is already there and living life.”

She wants all people to be able to live a life that is not lacklustre.

“I want to create a movement and culture around things that are explosive and expressions that move people on a deeper level.”

The biggest lesson for her since starting her musical journey was self-acceptance.

“Everyone else is taken, you can only be yourself. I had to be comfortable with being myself,” she said, adding that the importance of being true to one’s own path allowed the learning process to happen.

Modiga's live show at the Eyethu Lifestyle Centre on Saturday, December 15, will be a meeting place for people to connect.

“It’s always so interesting to describe my performances because what goes on is that it is a meeting place for people.

"I want to be a happy pill if that is what you need, the monster on your shoulder that encourages you. It is really just a space where you need to be fulfilled in whatever way you need to be and definitely to be entertained.

“It’s really just about everyone no matter their class, meeting in one place, forgetting about everything and just being human.”

The artist will be spending her festive season performing at venues across the country and the last week of the year with her loved ones to prepare for the new year.

“I will be getting ready for a 2019 like never before.”