Locnville twins Brian and Andrew Chaplin have spread their wings in the music industry with the launch of their own record label. Picture: Supplied
Johannesburg – Their dream is to build an empire in the music business. That’s why twins Brian and Andrew Chaplin of Locnville are putting their music careers on the back-burner to focus on their own record label.

While the electro-hop music duo will still be grinding out tunes for Locnville from time to time, their main focus for now is signing up some of the best talent in the country for their record label, ContraBanned.

The label announced itself to the music world two weeks ago when it released its debut EP album, African Icon Volume One. We caught up with Brian and Andrew this week to chat about their new roles as record label owners.

How exciting is it to have released an album from your own label?

Brian: It’s a feeling of freedom. It means we can make absolutely whatever we want and release it when we want to and still have the support of a major label.

What made you decide to create the label?

Brian: We wanted to start taking on other artists and really focus on artist development, which doesn’t seem to be something that record labels do any more. Mostly, these days, labels will only sign artists that have already established themselves and then they try to squeeze them for money until the last drop, as opposed to finding new talent and nurturing that talent.

Which artists have you signed up so far?

Andrew: We have Djenga, Locnville and Chad Da Don. We’re looking at quite a few other artists and producers.

Brian: For me, it’s about finding someone who you can develop and make great someone who is already starting to make their own waves. Then we can ultimately give them that extra foot in the door to take things to the next level.

How do you strike a balance between running a label and making music?

Andrew: It’s tough sometimes. We just try to take everything step by step and delegate as much as we can.

Would the Chaplin brothers consider quitting singing and focusing on the label full-time?

Andrew: Absolutely, for myself, that’s the definite end goal.

Brian: I’ve thought about quitting music altogether multiple times, but then I always find something new that keeps me excited and wanting to continue.

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