Lost & Found. Picture: Christelle Duvenhage

The last time I spoke to Lost & Found, Glen Hodgson and Jason Oosthuizen had just started the band. It was 2016, and I got lost trying to find Hodgson’s house, where a listening session for their debut album was to be held. This time around, I made sure my GPS didn’t send me any place I didn’t need to be.

To launch their second album, called Snakes & Ladders, Lost & Found performed in a small basement area of a hotel in far-off Centurion. The tables were decked with actual snakes and ladders board games, and there were rubber toy snakes hung in different places – like on the amps, banners and even a yellow snake with a forked tongue wrapped around the mic stand. 

Their new album definitely sees Hodgson singing a lot more and Oosthuizen harmonising beautifully. They say it took them a year to record and one of the stand-out tracks is Best Smile, where they sing about music being their happiness and encourage people to follow their bliss. Money Hungry is a fast-paced ditty that satisfies Oosthuizen’s desire to make “harder” music after their debut album.

The cover for Snakes & Ladders is a hospital scene where Oosthuizen is in a bed and he holds a sleeping baby in one hand. Next to him, Hodgson stands in scrubs holding a blue balloon that reads “It’s a boy!” It’s classic Lost & Found silliness. “I said to Glen: ‘I have this great idea! We should have a childbirth photoshoot.’ It could have gone any way, but what came out was the safer option,” says a tongue-in-cheek Oosthuizen.

You may remember the drummer, Oosthuizen, from his days with The Black Cat Bones and Van Coke Kartel. Hodgson, on the other hand, was on keys and bass for The Parlotones. That part is abundantly clear when he turns back for light banter with Oosthuizen and I notice what appears to be a purple streak painted from his eye to his ear. Yep, you can take the man out of The Parlotones, but…

Hodgson says: “After touring for two years, we found our sound and this is it!” 
* Lost & Found’s new album, Snakes & Ladders, is in stores now.