Lundi Tyamara. Picture: Mujahid Safodien

Controversial gospel singer Lundi Tyamara is reportedly recovering at home after spending one month in hospital.

According to DRUM, sources close to the star confirmed that he was admitted at a Johannesburg hospital for TB and was discharged last weekend.

“He is not looking well at all but we are praying that he beats this. He is suffering from abdominal tuberculosis, chest pains and he has had a liver problem for a while now,” the first source, who visited him recently in hospital, said.

Despite his successful gospel career Tyamara’s life was not without any scandals. He was named the ‘bad boy of gospel’’ following his battle with drugs and alcohol addictions.  

Last year, on his show, ‘Rolling With Lundi’ Tyamara spoke openly about how he managed to overcome the addictions and other challenges with the help of family and fellow gospel stars.

"I used to drink for years. I would just change drinking spots until the media eventually caught onto my bad habit.” he said.

Another source, a close friend of Tyamara's asks that fans pray for the star as ''we cannot afford to lose another gospel star...''.

“I don’t think he will be able to perform for a while after being released. It is important that people, especially artists, start taking a good care of themselves and their health. Let’s all put him in our prayers as we cannot afford to lose another gospel star like we did end of last year with Sfiso Ncwane,” said another source close to Tyamara.

Tyamara’s manager, Tyamara’s manager, could not be reached for comment.