Mpho and Karabo, wife and daughter of the late Mduduzi Mandoza Tshabalala, at his memorial service held at the Standard Bank Arena in Johannesburg. Picture: Boxer Ngwenya

Mduduzi ‘Mandoza’ Tshabalala’s wife Mpho held a brief press conference to address claims that she accused two public figures of trying to defraud her husband's estate.

Kevin Ntaopane, Mandoza’s manager, was reported to have been axed after Mpho discovered a letter written by him and People's Poet Mzwakhe Mbuli to the Music Association of South Africa (Masa), on her behalf. It included a request for funds to bankroll the late kwaito star’s record label Nkalakatha Records.

Mpho lambasted certain publications for “accusing” her of “saying things about Kevin (Mandoza’s manager and friend) and Bhut’ Mzwakhe (poet Mzwakhe Mbuli).”

She stated firmly: “I never said anything of that sort, accusing people of defrauding Mduduzi or me,” she said.

She then made a plea directed to the media.

“Can you please lay off my husband’s name. Let him rest in peace, I beg of you.”

This was after the star’s uncle Mziwakhe Tshabalala expressed sadness at the upsetting reports.

He emphasised the impact on Mandoza’s family - especially his four children, who would “ask questions” about the claims made in the media about their father’s estate.

He also appealed to the South African media to return to higher standards of reporting.

The 38-year-old passed away after a battle with cancer was laid to rest on September 23.