For the past five years The Assembly has brought music lovers first-class entertainment from some of the hottest local and international live acts.

Taking things up a notch, the live music venue has extended its entertainment menu by launch-ing its own online radio station, Assembly Radio.

Followers can now connect to unique multigenre content that will be broadcast live from 10am till 10pm, Mondays to Fridays.

Formulated by For Music Lovers (FML) , a company dedicated to creating unique audio content, they have been hard at work for months to conceptualise this project.

“There is a large group of South Africans who enjoy music that is not played on radio. People here are hearing music that they like,” says Alana Cremonte,the co-founder of FML.

Listeners can tune into 18 original shows hosted by an eclectic group of individuals.

Impromptu interviews with bands as they prepare for their live shows later that evening will take place via a concept booth in the venue.

“We are a live music venue and we link that with the music scene as we have artists coming through our doors.

“The music selection is cutting-edge; it’s by music lovers for music lovers.

“With commercial radio stations, it’s about running a business and playing the latest track; here we don’t have to play the latest Lady Gaga track,” says Pierre Coetzee, the general manager of Assembly.

The shows that will be streamlined include a line-up of Deff Eff’s Hip Hop Perspective, Sideshow’s multigenre Mash Up, Rock ’n’ Rollercoaster with Dylan Culhane and progressive indie on the Good Friday Show with Dario Leite.

“All the show hosts are playing music that they are passionate about.

“We wanted people from different backgrounds who aren’t necessarily trained, but rather to give and represent that natural feel,” says the other FML co-founder, Kevin Kai.

With a diverse mix of live music content that very few other radio stations have access to, Assembly Radio is a platform to showcase upcoming talent while also delivering informative content.

“We’re not looking at news or fashion, but rather digging into the knowledge about music,” says Cremonte.

“The great thing with online radio is that we have the freedom to broadcast what we want, when we want.

“Because we’re online we don’t have to involve Icasa for a licence, which is great.

“We speak to people all over the world, and are not restricted to traditional radio, but can reach an international market while we promote and push South African music,” says Kai.

Tune in to Assembly Radio on your laptop, work computer, home computer or cellphone by logging onto