Vector. Picture: Supplied

Award-winning Nigerian rapper and actor, Vector, who just teamed up with his fellow countryman OC Ukeje on a hit single was recently in Durban to shoot the song's video. 

The two collaborated for the soundtrack to Potato Potahto, a movie which stars Ujeke and Ghana’s Joselyn Dumas. 

Speaking from the set of his latest movie in Nigeria, the rapper said that Durban stole his heart. “Can I just start off by saying that Durban is such a beautiful city, I loved it so much. 

"It really reminded me of Miami, there is such a beautiful spirit in the air, the skateboards, the cafés, it's so relaxed, everyone is so beautiful too,” he said. 

He said that when he heard Ukeje was doing a song, he was shocked at first. “I only do what I really want to and when I heard the song I wanted to be a part of it. I had no idea that OC sang though, so that shocked me,” he said.

The video is shot on location in uMhlanga and Durban's famous Golden Mile beach. “It was my first time in Durban and whenever I go somewhere for the first time, I like to experience as much as I can. 

"I want to taste the land without having to eat sand, if you know what I mean. Because Durban is so relaxed, we wanted that to be portrayed in the video and I think we accomplished that,” he said. 

The star, who recently lost his father, released a single, Like My Daddy, which is dedicated to him. “It's funny because while I was in South Africa I listened to Cassper Nyovest’s song about his father, Superman, and I thought it was amazing. As musicians, we write about our experiences, so I decided that my late father deserved it. 

The song really is a celebration of his life… He taught me so much and I'll forever be grateful. The song is a hip hop song but I wanted to go for the Latin-inspired melodies because those are the sort of sounds my father enjoyed,” he said.  


Vector, whose real name is Olanrewaju Ogunmefun, is set to star in Lara and the Beat, a Nollywood movie in which he has a lead role. 

“This is my second movie so it is very exciting. I play Sol, who is absolutely relentless in following his music career – it's all he wants. He meets a rich girl and he basically has to show her how the real world works when you have no money, because her family lost their wealth,” he said. 

He admits that the music studio and movie set are two very different worlds. “As an actor you are required to show emotions and it's very hard for me to do that. I was brought up in the barracks. You have to be hard growing up in those conditions. Sol is a lover boy who likes showing his emotions so it is hard, but I am enjoying the experience and learning a lot.”

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He also said that he had had advice from some of the continent's most celebrated performers. “Being around people like Joselyn Dumas and OC Ukeje really helped. They gave me great advice, but what I really do is observe people. That's how I learn.”

Vector. Picture: Instagram

He said he was excited about the direction the African cinema industry was taking. 

“I love that African cinema is becoming more aware of themselves, we understand ourselves better now and we are taking an international approach with the movies we produce, but we are still staying true to who we are and telling our stories.”

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Vector said his fans can expect a new album next year. 

“My next album will be released in July 5 next year and it will be named Teslim, after my father. It will be a year since he died and it will be a collection of very real music,” he said.