The world just got a tiny bit smaller for hot South African band Prime Circle and that's good, especially when your album, All or Nothing, is teasing platinum status in your own back yard.

Add to this the fact that besides honouring live commitments locally, the world outside is fast looking to get in on the action.

Ross Learmonth on lead vocals and guitar, Dale Schnettler on drums, Dirk Bisschoff on lead guitar, Neil Breytenbach on keyboards and Marco Gomes on bass, were scheduled to fly east last night to India as the special guests of Hard Rock Café.

They will be in Delhi on Tuesday, Mumbai on Thursday, Bangalore on Friday, Pune on Sunday and back to Mumbai for the Umang Festival on August 12.

As its first of what promises to be many more happy returns, the band is pensively excited about breaking more new ground.

"With each new country we get to play in we get to learn another language," Learmonth explains.

"Each audience is different and India will challenge us in a whole other way. The more rhythm we can generate, with fewer hooks, the more likely our music will translate, I think. India has some amazing percussionists, so we're hoping to work with, and learn from, fellow musicians there and bring some of those ideas home for the next album."

Having paid its dues over the past eight years, Prime Circle's signing to EMI Music and the subsequent release of All or Nothing in 2008 was the groundbreaking moment that has defined it as one of South Africa's finest rock acts ever.

"After multiple performances during the IPL cricket's second season in June and playing live at the IPL final broadcast, which was viewed by millions … going to play live to the guys who watched us on television is an amazing opportunity," says Learmonth.

The band has chalked up three No 1 singles - Out of This Place, She Always Gets What She Wants and Consider Me - all lifted from All or Nothing.

Of the video for Consider Me, shot atop a Johannesburg skyscaper in the driving rain, Learmonth says: "It's a song with an important underlying message, and the video gets that across really well.

"The weather was as real as the emotion we all injected into the performance."

What makes the current trip even more exciting for the band is that India will be experiencing Prime Circle live for the first time.

"We want to go and rock their socks off," Learmonth adds.

Fortunately, local fans will not have to wait too long to get their fix of their favourite band, as mere days after the group's overseas adventure, Prime Circle heads to Grahamstown, before returning to Gauteng to play a series of shows across the province.

"We know where our bread is buttered," Learmonth acknowledges.

"We are just shy of reaching platinum sales for All or Nothing and that is entirely due to the extraordinary support we get from our fans at home.

"International releases would never have happened if we didn't have the support we have here."

With the album now also officially released in Portugal, parts of eastern Europe and in south-east Asia, the world is slowly being chipped into Prime Circle shape.

New Zealand's most important radio station, The Rock, has Out of This Place on high rotation and with All or Nothing released there too, it all adds up to confirmation of the band's hard work paying off.

"We're looking forward to being invited to play there and consolidating our fan base," Learmonth says.

The band members are writing like demons, in between live engagements, and what's clear is that the hard work and commitment each of these players locks into his craft is set to serve us all very well indeed.