DJ Brent Crude
DJ Brent Crude
Pascal & Pearce
Pascal & Pearce

BY the time you leave the Unity Colour Festival you may not recognise yourself, as you will be coated in a rainbow of colours. That’s what this event that attracts thousands of partygoers each year is all about.

For those not familiar with the colourful gig, it includes a uniformed “colour splash” which will take place every hour in multiple shades of rich, deep colours (red, green, blue, yellow, purple and orange) while getting down to some of the craziest mixes by South Africa’s finest DJs.

The Big Show Productions, Love-Tec Entertainment and New School Productions event aims to produce the largest colour powder-infused experience in South Africa.

Taking place at Durban’s New Beach, Unity Colour Fest features Pascal & Pearce, Veranda Panda, Funky B, DJ Brent Crude and Amigo alongside other local DJs.

During our one-on-one, Ballito-based Brent Crude tells me he’s always had a passion for DJ-ing, and gigs like these really get him amped.

The confident DJ says his sound has a modern touch and a retro base: “My style is deeper but it has the vibey feel to it. So it appeals to the older market as well. It can be described as deep house.”

From as young as 10, DJ Brent Crude has been fascinated with DJ-ing.

“My dad was always playing at weddings as a DJ and he had all the equipment and I found the love and passion for it at a young age. I could always understand music and its appeal. When I was 16, I would play at friends’ parties and weddings and started building up with the scene in Durban.

“The line-up features some of South Africa’s best and there’s some other talent that hasn’t been recognised. So people will have a realisation that Durban style is unique and it’s very progressive and can be considered the best of Africa.”

What makes him different from other DJs?

“I don’t go out and plan my set. I feel I respond to the crowd and the environment. I play what I want to feel, not what people want. There are also a lot of spiritual influences. However I feel, that is how it comes across in my music. It’s always been something that is a part of me.

“So for the Unity Colourfest, people can expect something that is more groovy and different. And not something you’ve heard before, it’s going to be something new and fresh.”


• Unity Colour Fest is on Sunday, Durban New Beach at 12pm. Tickets (R190-R300) at Computicket.