A scene from 'I Hit It First', released by Ray J in 2013. The song was about Kim Kardashian.

Johannesburg - It was the graphic video that catapulted both him and Kim Kardashian to stardom, but these days, Ray J realises he Never Shoulda Did That.

The actor/singer, brother of R&B singer Brandy, has just released a new track – a sort of confessional just shy of three minutes in which he pours over the regrets in his life.

Chief among those in the song titled Never Shoulda Did That, is his relationship with Kim Kardashian, and the infamous 2007 sex tape that made headlines the world over.

“f***ing b**ches on camera, shouldn’t a did that s**t,” bemoans Ray J, while in the accompanying YouTube video, a model bearing an uncanny resemblance to the voluptuous reality TV star is featured.

The song also reflects on Ray J’s unseemly scuffle with rapper Fabolous. The brawl, which occurred at the Palms hotel in Las Vegas in 2011 saw Ray J being arrested. Later, the singer conducted a radio interview to dispute claims that Fabolous had “got the better of him” during the fight.

“Calling the radio station, shouldn’t a did that s**t,” sings Ray J.

The singer then also expresses his regret for cheating on his ex-girlfriend Princess Love, who also makes an appearance on the video. Princess clearly agrees with Ray J’s view that he “shouldn’t a did that s**t” because she posted a picture on Instagram in which she placed his clothes in a bath tub and poured bleach over them. - Tonight Reporter