Gangs of Ballet

Rating: *****

Electric, epic and out of this world.

Durban’s Gangs of Ballet’s self-titled five-track EP represents an eclectic mix of alternative, melodic, anthemic, electronic and dance genres that is sure to have heads nodding in approval.

A four-piece band with brothers Brad and Josh Klynsmith, Hardus de Beer and Jonathan Rich, their music is truly prolific and has the ability to keep you wanting more.

The guys are definitely not holding back, which is evident in their extremely innovative lyrics and sounds which express their unique music style.

The EP is an outstanding showcase of their immense talent and hard work.

Some of the hottest tracks featured on it include This Love and Breaking the Silence. In fact, all five tracks are insanely original and lively, each in their own way.

Another awesome track to look out for is Hello Sweet World, which has been adopted as the opening theme for VH1’s reality TV series Dr Drew’s Rehab.

Combined with elements of upbeat electric melodies, this EP could unleash the rock fan in anyone, as it displays a highly professional ensemble of songs that demonstrate great quality and appeals to a mass audience.

All-in-all, Gangs of Ballet’s EP rocks! It’s a timeless alternative, electronic and dance compilation that is of an international standard.

Definitely worth buying. - Valencia Govindasamy