Nicki Minaj. Picture: Supplied

We live in an age where the blogosphere doesn’t always report from a place of knowledge. Instead, the rushed reactions to new music can reveal just how little some of the most popular people online know about rap, in particular.

For instance, there have been a few bloggers and vloggers who insist Nicki Minaj is actually dissing a plethora of rappers on her song, "Barbie Dreams," off her new album," Queen." The title alone should have been a clue that the head Barb was actually putting a spin on the Notorious BIG’s early 90s song, "Just Playing (Dreams)."

Biggie's "Just Playing" is not all that flattering in how he namedrops loads of female R&B singers and raps about how he dreams of having sex with them.

Nicki uses a similar approach and namedrops Meek Mill, Drake, DJ Khaled, Young Thug, 50 Cent and more.

Not only does she interpolate the chorus, the beat is similar and Nicki even starts the song off by saying: “RIP BIG, some classic sh*t”

Yet, if you let these bloggers and vloggers tell it, "Barbie Dreams" is a diss. Maybe Nicki will use this as a teaching moment for people to learn about hip hop history.