Myles Kennedy performs at the launch of his solo tour at the Grand Arena. Picture: Alan Milne

A number of years ago Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page asked Myles Kennedy to join a possible “Zeppelin Mk2” project as lead vocalist. Listening to Kennedy perform Zeppelin’s Going to California on Tuesday, it was clear why he did .

To the uninitiated, Myles  — frontman to hard rockers Alter Bridge — is a rock vocalist, guitarist and songwriter, who has been in the music industry since the early nineties. It didn't take long before he was being heralded as one of the best voices in rock, a recognition he richly deserves. 

In addition to his musical talents, his physical presence ticks all the right boxes of a rock icon. With his flowing locks, good looks and arresting personality, one again sees why he could have been the perfect replacement for Robert Plant. And he brought all of his talents to the fore at the launch of his solo world tour at Grand West on Tuesday: The best moment was when minute he took the stage, and the worst when the house lights finally came up and we knew it was over.

Myles was able to captivate an audience few thousand, ranging from head-bangers to rock jocks, metal maniacs and suburban moms and dads, he wove his spell of musical magic from the first few bars of his opening number.  Even though he was not physically close to the audience, he managed to create a feeling of intimacy, as if we were sharing a performance inside his living room. With constant patter and an invitation to sing along on many occasions, one almost felt as if you were the only person in the room with him.

He covered music from much of his personal musical journey, from the Mayfield Four, through Alter Bridge, right to the title track of his soon-to-be released solo album, Year of the Tiger.  And his take on Elton John’s classic, Levon, which he performed as a closing number was mind-blowing.

All in all, an evening of musical magic by an amazing talent who honoured us by launching his world tour in Cape Town.