Perhaps Red Huxley were psychic when they came up for the video storyboard for their first single, My Own Way. The video shows two hot chicks in the desert rolling a cable spool, which we discover is meant for the band. When they finally meet the three members of this Cape Town band, the cable is plugged in and the band connects with the world.

Since they made that video for the song, which enjoyed a two-week stint on the MK charts at number one, Red Huxley have had an opportunity to connect with the world.

When they heard that one of their heroes, Eagles of Death Metal, were coming to South Africa to play Ramfest, they e-mailed guitarist Dave Catching. Catching is considered one the best producers in his genre of rock.

On meeting Red Huxley, Catching invited them to record in his studio, Rancho de la Luna, in Joshua Tree, California. Rancho has been home to many bands and artists that have influenced Red Huxley, like Queens of the Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys and Dave Grohl (of Foo Fighters).

Red Huxley won a battle of the bands through the Loeries and recorded a four-song EP, from which the released My Own Way. The track, like the other songs on the EP, is incredibly textured, with layered melody and old-school rock ’n’ roll abandonment, and of course there is the angst. They are good songwriters and have more than nine songs in pre-production ready for the day they hit Rancho de La Luna and Dave Catching.

There is just one catch. To record at this studio isn’t cheap. However, such is their determination to record with Catching that Red Huxley have come up with a plan. They have set up a Kickstarter project. Fans can pledge money on the website and in return you will receive a copy of the album when it is complete, plus other rewards.

Kickstarter is a US-based site which is increasing in popularity as bands use the concept to raise funds for recording their albums.

Red Huxley have less than 30 days to raise the money. And, having listened to their EP over and over again, it is safe to say that they are definitely worth a small donation.

However, the band are not only focusing on the Road to Rancho project. They are also planning to record a video for their second single, Home Coming. The video is due out next month.

• To listen their music go to To see their Kickstarter project go to: redhuxley/re-huxley-road-to-rancho