SA choir take rhythms of Africa to Scotland

By Munya Vomo Time of article published Aug 20, 2015

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Munya Vomo

Pretoria’s sensational group, Tshwane Gospel Choir, keep on doing great things on the musical front.

Their latest milestone is being featured on the Edinburgh Festival Fringe line-up this year. Speaking to us from Scotland, the choir’s manager, Boitumelo Langa, spoke of how they were doing.

“We are in Scotland in Edinburgh for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and are enjoying it. This year is much better than last year because at least we are familiar with what is expected of us. We know our way around and the planning leading up to this festival was much, much better. The production and the singers have all grown so we are a better group. We are getting good feedback so far,” she said.

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe has an array of talent from all over the world and Tshwane Gospel Choir were good enough to be re-invited. For Langa, the first time was a learning curve so this time they got it right by making their showcase as African as possible.

“The production we have put together this year pays homage to the diversity of cultures back home in South Africa. There are a lot of dances and a number of drum beats. We also pay tribute to some of our South African legends who represented us internationally including Mam’ Miriam Makeba and Joseph Tshabalala of Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

“We also pay tribute to women, not only in South Africa, but of the world,” she said.

This has worked in their favour so far as they have an authentic set which separates them from the rest of the musicians on the line-up.

“As far as fitting in is concerned, we are bringing something unique to us so they embrace us because we are different. We have the flavour of what Africa is about,” she said.

The ensemble has been abroad since August 7 and return on the 31st. Even though they are hard at work, there is no rest when they return as they embark on another musical voyage.

“We have plans of releasing the I Believe project in collaboration with Loyiso when we come back.

“We are launching the video screening of it all upon our return. We also have a CD out called Mbonge which is available at music stores,” said Langa.

There is also an upcoming live DVD recording which will be announced closer to the time.

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