Emeli Sande

Our Version Of Events


Her writing credits include songs for Leona Lewis and Susan Boyle. Her Scottish heritage doesn’t mean there are bagpipes featured on this album. And her first name is also Adele.

While her insanely good debut album isn’t matching her British namesake’s CD sales quite yet, this 24-year-old with a cheeky hairdo is worth your hard-earned cash.

This is thanks to how relatable Our Version Of Events is. This pop-soul album, which features production by the likes of Naughty Boy and even Alicia Keys, is a mixture of uptempo songs like singles Daddy and Next To Me and slow jams that test Sande’s vocal range.

She passes each test with equal measures of restraint and raw talent. There are ballads that lament a love affair in limbo (Maybe), self-worth and awareness (Clown) and a break-up that blindsided her (Suitcase).

Upon first listen, there has to be a song that will make you say “that’s how I feel too” or “that hap- pened to me” – and that’s what makes this album pure audio gold. – Helen Herimbi