Capitol Records


It's excruciating listening to this. One would think this young debutante lost a bet and, as part of the deal, had to record this album! Who still wants to sound like Shabba Ranks these days?

This is a lost album that would not have made it even if we were still in the days of ragga. There is no defining it genre-wise - a bit of ragga, R'nB and hip-hop all done by yours truly. Please! It is amazing such a product made it out of Capitol Records; better still, that it made it in, in the first place.

Perhaps the singer used her R'nB front because, on Right Back and Mantaker, we hear that she can sing quite well. Then she could have said: "Oh, by the way, I can rap, too," and that's where she lost the plot.

Everything about Che'Nelle says she is all about dance and so she chose to resuscitate ragga in an effort to throw some chart-topping club hits. Fat chance.