Klutch Kollective. Picture: Facebook

Durban - Toya Delazy is part of an all new girl crew that hopes to make a noticeable impact in the hip hop scene, especially as the crew is bringing something fresh into the industry. She says that SA desperately needs a conscious hip hop movement and that voices of women will be able to achieve this.

The crew is called “Klutch Kollective” and Toya explains to us the meaning behind the name.

“ A clutch is an irreplaceable device in a car or anything that moves with gears. So in a nutshell, for the gears to change for things to move faster or slower you need the clutch, the underlying message there is that we are setting the pace for where hip hop should be headed and switching up the gears”.

The crew consists of Toya, Fiah, DK and Genius who are not newcomers to the industry. DK, Genius, and Fiah participated in last years season Vuzu hustle and Genius is the face of Ukhozi Fm’s new campaign and the voice behind SABC’s Encores hip hop theme track. The group writes their own songs and write their individual lyrics.

Of course, there will be pressure for the crew especially as an all girl crew but they say that they will remain undeterred.

“Its about diversifying the game for us, not knocking anyone’s hustle. It's time for something different and fresh and not recycled from the States. Good music can be made and still be authentic” says Delazy.

The group tells IOL about their different personalities of the group and how they iron out disagreements.

“Fiah is the health freak who drinks too much wine, I love to laugh constantly and make ridiculous jokes which make people uncomfortable, I'm either hyped or mellow some call me “blackenese” (Toya). Genius is easy going, she's the 'shuts mouth her if it doesn’t concern her' type. DK, is the awkward one. She never wants to sleep or goes with the flow. If we ever have disagreements, we sit down and talk about, we have a policy of not suppressing feelings, but being vocal and always caring to each other,” says Toya.

Klutch Kollective have released a single called “Back To The Roots” the song talks about taking hip hop back to its origins.

“The song speaks to communities and people told their stories through it. I produced the beat and wrote the chorus. DK, Genius and Fiah wrote their own lyrics telling there journey in a way I haven’t heard in a while. We address a lot of things but what keeps it real is the fact that you can relate with each one yet each story and flow is different” says Toya.