IF YOU’RE a house music fanatic then you’ll be familiar with the hit song Free by the UK electronic act, Rudimental (pictured) which is pumping the airwaves.

So dance lovers will be especially amped to know the quartet will be coming to South Africa to perform at the Vodacom in the City event in October and for Rocking the Daisies.

Rudimental consists of Piers Agget (Hammond organ, keys) Amir Amor (guitar and keys), Kesi Dryden (keyboard and player, percussionist) and Leon Rolle (DJ).

Vodacom in the City, which is now in its third year, has become a much-anticipated music experience that brings together a dynamic mix of international acts and thousands of the city’s music lovers. This year the international acts are Rudimental and Crystal Fighters.

In an exclusive interview with Tonight, Dryden chatted about the group’s upcoming performances in South Africa.

Explaining the band’s distinctive sound, he says: “Rudimental is basically influenced by music that we have grown up listening to and it’s about where we all come from.

“It ranges from house, drum bass, soul, R&B to hip hop… it’s an eclectic sound. It’s soulful modern music.

“And when we make music, we create music in that we write songs in a traditional manner and we let the music flow by itself.

“We wanna be known for being a band that has great albums down the line. We want to give people a platform of different singers to become well known. Musicians whom we worked with in the past like John Newman and Ella Eyre have their own careers. So we want to be a place where people can make great music and go on and have amazing careers through that like John and Ella, yet to still be a part of the family.”

Rudimental’s music is so relatable to the listener that it builds a connection on a whole other level. Their debut album, Home, has been making waves in the music industry and their single Waiting All Night featuring Ella Eyre won them this year’s Brit Award.

“That was amazing and a very special moment for us. And the Brit Awards is a huge thing in England and to be there and then to receive the award was a moment we will never forget.

“We were actually a bit speechless when we accepted the award on stage. People are just loving the music and it’s an amazing experience. And as a band, we just create an idea and get the energy from the song and the motion comes from the fact that we grew up in a musically diverse way and the sound from all walks of life comes together,” shares Dryden.

Steering the conversation to the band’s trip at the Vodacom in the City event, I learn that this will be Rudimental’s first time on South African soil.

He says enthusiastically: We’re very excited to finally come out there. People from South Africa have asked us on Twitter to come there and it’s a real beautiful place to visit.”

So besides touring their album, the guys are working on their second album which is set to release at the end of the year: “It’s sounding really good at the moment and we can’t wait for the music to be heard. Yeah, just the touring experience, playing as a band, the chemistry between us and the energy we have to share with everyone is going to be great.

“We can’t wait to share the new music with the fans. And it’s gonna be an exciting show in South Africa on stage with the four of us.

“We’re all friends since childhood so the chemistry we have is pretty special. It’s gonna be another energy that we’ll bring to South Africa.”

• Rudimental perform at the Vodacom in the City on October 3. For more information on the band, visit their website at