Ex Destiny's Child, that wonderful trio of bronzed babes, Michelle Williams has released her third solo effort Unexpected.

This despite the media condemning her to the has-been pile when the trio split.

To date, Michelle's Christian background (she was always the one with more fabric on her body, no matter how skimpy their outfits), has prevailed on her previous solo efforts where she was hymning gospel.

But on Unexpected, Michelle has dropped church songs for club anthems. I, for one, did not see that coming.

It is also unexpected that her sound has shifted from RnB to pop. Please note, this is not baby making music anymore, as the tracks are upbeat and all rest on a thumping bass throughout.

Songs which standout include three versions of We Break The Dawn, especially the third one where she features Flo Rida. The Greatest and Stop This Car are the best tracks with their emotionally intelligent lyrics and a craftily produced beat.

The look has shifted from down to earth to super sexy. That too was unexpected and the good thing is, it's working.