Sevven. Picture: Zander Opperman

The local musician is ready for the world to hear his music and wants to show that true artistry still existed in music.

This comes after his successful debut single, Forget Who We Are, and he has since teamed up with RADA unearthed with his amazing pop power ballad, Fight For Love.

Sevven also sings, writes and produces his own music as well as working with other local acts.

He is also currently working on The Voice Nigeria and doing the sound for the show which is a huge accomplishment.

We chatted to the Sevven on his brief visit to Cape Town to see what he's been up to.

Some of the things he speaks about is his work on The Voice Nigeria, how he came up with his stage name, artists he’d like to work, how it came about that he wrote Fight For Love for RADA Unearthed and what he plans on doing next.

Watch the gripping interview below: