Will Smith. Picture: Instagram

Hollywood movie star Will Smith posted a parody video of his son's music video 'Icon' to congratulate Jaden Smith on getting 100 million streams on Spotify. 

The 'Bright' star has been receiving a lot of praise for his newly opened Instagram account and recently posted a video on Instagram, celebrating Jaden Smith reaching 100 million streams on the music streaming application ‘Spotify’. 

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The actor dyed his hair blonde, wore similar clothing and accessories to Jaden’s from the video, re-enacted and lip-synched the first bars from Jaden’s hit single, “Icon”, and even attempted the moonwalk in socks.

Smith’s posted the video with the caption: “Congrats on 100, 000, 000 @Spotify streams, Jaden! @c.syresmith. It is a Delicious gift to a parent to Admire his children. Keep Doin’ You!”.

The video has already amassed over 1 million views, and the hip hop artist himself responded to his father’s tribute: “Dad this is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life you’re the best father anyone could ask for thank you for allowing me to express myself even when I take it too far sometimes I love you more than you will ever know because you taught me how to love. Also thank you for having the best Instagram on planet earth❤️”.